A Happy Christmas, December 28th 2010

A Happy Christmas, December 28th 2010

Welcome to my blog.   It seems auspicious to me to write my first blog in the wake of the rare and powerful Winter Solstice and Full Moon Eclipse, riding the wonderful and sometimes fraught energies of Christmas.   I know that for me, and maybe for some of you too, Christmas is one of these wonderful opportunities coming around every year to face my highest dreams of love and joy, my sincere childlike innocence and my deepest shadows of pain and isolation, all bundled up into one not very neat nor tidy package.

So many conflicting experiences and messages are embedded into our subconscious during childhood.   At Christmas the tales and stories of love, joy and magic, of generosity and abundance can set any child’s heart alight with desire and yearning, yet the reality often does not live up to the expectation, or at least not completely.   Personally I still harbour deep within a little girl every year dreaming of a white and magical Christmas surrounded by Angels, Father Christmas, Reindeer and endless wonder, as well as deep feelings of love and comfort shared within my family.

Many a Christmas throughout my life turned out instead to be shattered by stress, conflict and disillusion, leaving me feeling isolated, hurt and guilty.   Not so this year.   Using Matrix Reimprinting I’ve healed and transformed much of the Christmas pain from the past, so that these past few days have been filled with feelings of love, support and gratitude for the little wonders of Christmas, including glorious walks by the sea, making magical snow angels in the dunes, yes I did have a white Christmas this year, realising that the spirit of Father Christmas is very much alive within my heart and as for the reindeer, well they simply live a bit farther to the North.

Below I’ve described in more poetic terms my own journey of using Matrix Reimprinting.   You too can transform pain and disillusion into feelings of wonder and peace.   If you want to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me for your free 20 minute consultation.

In The Matrix

In a Dark
Cauldron of
Fear and

Frozen in
Hope of salvation
Left behind
A very long time ago

All of a sudden
A ray of light
A loving touch
A tender voice
Embraced in a
Wave of love
Of kindness

Hope bursting forth
Within her heart
Tears of relief
A golden softness
Her frozen

She is alive with
Joy and
An Angel at her side
A magic wand
To heal the hurt

She’s off to play
In the woods
Her golden hair
Alight with the fire
Of the sun
As she swirls around
Bathed in colours
Weaving her